About Us

The Income Trigger Blueprint is a business coaching program for new business owners. It offers comprehensive business training in the form of a self-paced online small business course as well as one-on-one personal coaching.
Our clients are both new entrepreneurs wishing to start their own business and small business owners who need help overcoming the obstacles often faced within the first few years of operation.

Elizabeth Todd, the creator of the Income Trigger Blueprint is a very experienced small business owner who is dedicated to helping others on the road to success. She has first hand experience of the pitfalls that many small business owners can face when trying to establish and grow their business ventures.

Using her business skills and experience she has developed a small business training program that includes all the steps involved in building a solid basis for business success. This program is suitable for online as well as offline businesses and is geared to starting a new business as well as growing an existing one.

The Income Trigger Blueprint program will take you by the hand and show you step by easy step how you too can find out how to PLAN TO SUCCEED!

Elizabeth Todd CEO Income Trigger Blueprint

Creator of the Income Trigger Blueprint

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